About Cindi

Welcome to GetFit.Training! Thank you for stopping by, I always welcome visitors and look forward to helping you create a fitness and nutrition program that fits your busy life style! The first step is getting to know you and your fitness goals and understanding the challenges you’ve come across over the years that prevented you from reaching those goals. Next step, together we’ll select a fitness program to achieve your dreams and I’ll create a meal plan that fits your travel and home schedule to ensure you receive the adequate amounts of nutrients to fire up your metabolism. Our secret sauce to success is  giving you the daily support you need every step of the way  to ensure your health reaches the unimaginable.

If you visit our website enough times, you’re basically part of our family! So lets get started!

My  Personal Story-Why I became a Nutrition and Fitness Coach:

I started this website after I turned 50 years old (YIKES, that’s a scary number to admit to!) Blogging about my life experiences has been a long time goal of mine in fact its one of my TOP 10 items on my bucket list.  I knocked out one of my other bucket list items when I celebrated my 50th with my husband and long time best friend when we traveled  to Australia. I finally made the opportunity to snorkel the Great Barrier Reef! Now THAT has some FUN stories to talk about which won’t be posted to a healthy fitness website! 🙂

Once my daughters grew up, I switched careers to allow more time to focus on nutrition and fitness. Without golden handcuffs and being a slave to my job, I am now living out my dreams! My passion to share fitness and nutrition ideas have been a long time interest of mine. I’ve spent lots of money over the years reading monthly Yoga and Fitness magazines, all with wide eyes and admiration. While reading the stories about featured peoples’ personal journeys, inside my head a secret question constantly popped up  “Why not me?”. If these folks can become fitness and nutritional experts in a featured magazine, why not me, what’s stopping me from making a career out of my passion, they did it and so can I!

This website wasn’t a whimsical idea that came from a middle age “crisis” because I’m not in crisis mode! I feel more ALIVE and FREE today than I ever did in my entire life!! My life has been filled with personal growth, challenges, sadness, and wonderful moments shared with family and friends, probably just like many of you who are reading this article. So let me share with you what triggered my passion to help others find alternative solutions in living healthier and happier life styles through healthy nutritional choices and daily 30 minute exercise.

During my 20+ years in Silicon Valley’s technology industry, I focused on climbing the corporate ladder, exceeding revenue goals, training and supporting worldwide sales teams, and making sure as a single mom we had a roof over our head, food on the table and clothes on our backs. The long hours and dedication in the office hurt my relationship with my children but I felt it was my sole responsibility to ensure they were given every possibility to live in a safe neighborhood with good schools that would set them up for a successful adult life. Which meant, I worked in a stressful fast paced demanding job that paid well and offered health insurance to care for my family. With little time and energy leftover to enjoy the children while they were young.

The long number of work hours took its toll on my health and the family’s happiness. At the end of the day I had no energy to give to anyone or myself. During the weekends I was so exhausted I couldn’t bring myself to washing clothes or taking care of the home. The place was a disaster! I focused on keeping my head above water by shuttling the children to their soccer games, ballet lessons, karate, swim lessons and working on school projects…and in between, I would take care of my aging grandparents and other ailing family members.  I didn’t realize what I was doing to myself burning the candle at both ends…which would later rear its sick little head once I hit 40.

When growing up I looked up to my grandfather, he was my long time role model. After he was forced to retire as a President of a company he created, I watched him whither away until he literally gave up on Life. Where he was once a proud strong successful business man, the old age stole his energy, body and the Will to live.  Cancer popped up and he chose not to fight.

My maternal grandmother suffered a stroke in her mid 60’s due to high cholesterol. She ate healthy foods but didn’t exercise every day. Her silent killer was “Stress”. My grandmother was always a strong woman who didn’t show emotion, never reacted with tears and rarely did I hear her laugh. ( I believe) The stress of watching her two daughters die over a 6 year period pushed her body to a breaking point. My mother was her oldest daughter and she died from lung cancer when I was 22. My aunt Kathy died 6 years later after testing positive for AIDS. Losing my mom and Aunt at such young ages took their their emotional toll on my family.  Lucky for me I was only in my 20’s and could withstand the emotional impact better than my grandmother. She suffered in silence until the stroke occurred. I watched my Grandmother die a slow death with Dementia; she lost her appetite and ability to eat. Malnutrition set in and slowly her body organs stopped functioning properly.

The list of unhealthy family members goes on: my biological father passed away from alcoholism when I was very young and my step father’s death certificate has the reason for death as “complications from morbid obesity”.  Within 7 years from the time my mother and aunt passed away, my stepfather suffered 2 major heartaches and  battled with his health because of the medications prescribed by doctors to “help” his heart, weight, and cholesterol levels. The medications caused more harm than help. Do you remember Fen-Phen? My stepfather was one of the victims who suffered from taking the FDA approved drug to control his obesity. There are many FDA approved drugs out on the market that end up causing more health problems than helping, so PLEASE read the warning labels of all medications before choosing to take them!

I’m angry with how strong an influence the pharmaceutical companies have become in our country.  Health care providers should be made to provide patients with alternative solutions to avoid and treat high cholesterol, Type 2 Diabetes, an other avoidable diseases BEFORE handing out drugs.  Our physicians and healthcare system is broken and we’ve all been brainwashed to believe medications are the only way to survive. As an example, Lipitor is the #1 prescription drug sold throughout the world. It controls cholesterol. As an alternative, why doesn’t the medical field educate their patients about clean eating habits (unprocessed foods) nutritional portions from each food group and daily exercise versus daily doses of chemicals? (ponder that question for a moment)

I’m not trying to save the people who are already dead, I’m here to make sure you’re healthy and doing more than just living..in fact I want you to THRIVE!

Like most women, I’ve been on a weight loss yo-yo diet several times in my life. I was embarrassed about my weight and during parties I use to drink to forget how miserable I felt about myself. I’ve worn clothes that were NOT flattering, hoping I looked skinnier than I was until I saw pictures of myself standing with friends. Reality can be cruel but the words we use inside our head to describe ourselves are crueler .  “Selfies “were my favorite way of taking pics with friends and family because they avoid my belly and butt areas.  I was the heaviest out of all the women in my family and I felt the emotional and physical “weight” pulling me down. I hid my despair about my physical appearance by standing behind a successful career. So many times while standing on stage as a speaker, I experienced panic and anxiety attacks worrying about what the audience would say when I walked from behind the podium. I realize now it was all in my head and I was the only one beating myself up. Yes I had a very low self opinion of myself and I needed to change it to live a happier healthier life.

I’ve tried most every weight loss program, used synthetic solutions and injections, tried dangerously low-calorie diets (<500 cal/day), all of which, in the end, screwed up my metabolism, caused muscle loss, and ultimately did not work long term. Over the years I felt depressed, overwhelmed, lethargic and then it happened, I turned 43 and my doctor suggested I go onto medications to control my cholesterol levels and recommended anti depressants and Abilify to control “anxiety attacks” (caused me many MORE problems). By the time I turned 45 I was being treated for hormone issues and adrenal fatigue problems. Many years of stress, poor eating habits and essentially a non existent exercise routine took its toll on my body. I had turned into one of my worse nightmares-I was becoming dependent on medications until I died.

So what secret can I share with you?  That losing weight and getting physically and mentally healthy IS a “Lifestyle Change.” I know, SO cliche, right? What does “lifestyle change” mean anyway?

First, it requires DESIRE, and then, COMMITMENT.  After that, there are three variables to successfully creating a healthy lifestyle change: NUTRITION, EXERCISE, and SUPPORT. In that order!! Nutrition is the MOST important factor to getting healthy, losing weight, reducing cholesterol levels and reducing the inflammation in the body that attacks our thyroids, digestion system, vital organs and other areas. A healthy eating lifestyle does not mean STARVING DIETS! There is no quick fix or magical pill to losing weight or restoring your health but I can promise it only take a few months to SEE the unimaginable changes occur.

After getting to know you, I provide advice on all THREE of these KEY components, NUTRITION, EXERCISE and SUPPORT. I will customize workouts to fit your lifestyle. I design a meal plan to keep you satisfied without giving up your favorite foods. I register you in one of our exclusive clients’ private online support groups, with other fun like-minded people who share similar daily struggles, activities and dreams. Whether your goal is to lose weight, tone muscle, or just to live a healthier fit life, we WILL get you there!

Cinthia Shields Mission:

As your Health Coach, my mission is to help you achieve the outcome you desire through nutrition, fitness, support and personal development. My goal is to help one person at a time to prevent treatable diseases, like Type 2 Diabetes, obesity, heart disease  caused by high cholesterol levels. Through nutritional education folks can avoid relying on medications to treat certain diseases caused by malnutrition (junk food/processed foods), stress, and lack of exercise. My mission is to help you find happiness with your body and health.